About the Cooperative

The Putnam-Alachua-Levy (PAL) Public Library Cooperative was created in 2010 when the cooperative members (Putnam County, the Alachua County Library District and Levy County) decided there was a need to bring a higher level of service to their residents. To accomplish this, they entered into an Interlocal agreement among themselves and created the PAL cooperative as an independent special district. This special district is overseen by a governing board made up of two (2) representatives each from the three members, which are appointed by the members’ respective governing authorities. The PAL cooperative is managed by a professional librarian who serves as its Single Administrative Head.

The signed interlocal agreement that created the PAL cooperative.Below are listed the current members of our Governing Board (GB), GB officers and the current member-Library Directors:

vacant Chair
Ms. Nancy Taylor
Chair GB, Putnam County
Mr. David Kendall redlegkendall@atlantic.net Treasurer GB, Levy County
Ms. Rosemary Anderson anderson7075@att.net Member GB, Putnam County
Mr. John Meeks
Member GB, Levy County
Mr. Larry McDaniel vmcdaniel123@gmail.com Member GB, Alachua County
Ms. Ester Tibbs tibbs4215@gmail.com Member GB, Alachua County
Ms. Marlene R. Glennon
PAL Administrator  
Ms. Shaney T. Livingston
  Director, Alachua County Library District (ACLD)
Ms. Stella Brown
  Director, Putnam County Library System (PCLS)
Ms. Darlene Slattery
  Director, Levy County Public Library System (LCPLS)

Annual Plan of Service
Read our current plans of service.

The PAL Cooperative’s address is: 401 E. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida 32601.

Our telephone number is 330-328-7157.